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Jeni is fascinated by pure colour and how colours interact with each other. She  explores this in her paintings and design work on paper as part of the creative process. Sometimes these are  developed further and translated into a textile work, others stand as pieces in their own right.  

Jeni uses cut and torn paper collages as a starting point for many of her designs which are then painted, but she is perhaps best known for her cut-outs.  These are made by carving shapes into hand painted sheets of paper and working with both positive and negative images building up a low relief effect.  

“As part of my initial research for the New College tapestries I experimented with a series of small books. My ideas for the  project were related to Johannes Itten’s twelve tone colour system and I have translated these into a series of twenty four hour ‘clock’ books, starting and ending with midnight and centred on a sun motif in the middle.
The classic book form has a time based narrative; a concertina book on the other hand can be read all at once offering a more visual experience.”